Treatment Options


Our structured residential program, sometimes referred to as inpatient treatment, consists of one-on-one individual counseling and daily, evidence-based group therapy. This program is designed for a minimum commitment of 30 days. However, many of our clients choose to remain in treatment for up to 90 days or more.

Upon admission, a personal counselor works with each client to develop a program that is tailored to her particular circumstances and needs. As part of the whole-person-centered approach, Resolve Recovery places great emphasis on helping our clients develop a “timeline” that documents their use history, key stressors and triggers, and past attempts at sobriety to help them develop new coping skills and support through mindfulness, peer support and 12-step principles.

Recovery from addiction is a daily process that doesn’t stop when a woman has completed her residential treatment. Our team works closely with her and her family to secure an appropriate aftercare plan close to home that can include intensive outpatient treatment, psychiatrist or therapist follow-up, sober living and group support meetings.

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Life at Resolve Recovery

Our clients’ days are filled with activities that focus on strengthening their resolve to recover. Our professional staff helps them acquire the discipline that is essential to maintaining their treatment program and, ultimately, rebuilding their lives. Each day we provide constructive activities that help to keep clients “in the moment,” always with an eye toward attaining and maintaining sobriety and wellness. These activities typically include:

  • Three group therapy sessions per day
  • One-on-one sessions each week with the client’s counselor
  • Therapy and/or psychiatry appointments
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Specialty groups (art therapy, relapse prevention, safe coping, mindfulness)
  • Evening and weekend visits with family
  • Weekend outings and trips

Treatment Includes the Family

Addiction is insidious. It creates a wave of disease and dysfunction that impacts not only the client but her entire family: siblings, parents and significant others. Family participation plays a major role in her healthy recovery process, her successful return home and, ultimately, her independence.

In fact, it is often a family member or another loved one who contributes most to getting a client into treatment in the first place. Resolve Recovery’s whole-person, family-centered treatment philosophy includes recommending that all of our clients and their families participate in family therapy sessions. We also encourage family members to attend our Family Day, which features family-only education sessions and helpful resources.