Mission & History

The Resolve Recovery treatment program was developed by Prototypes, a nonprofit behavioral health provider in Southern California. Since its founding in 1986 as an innovator in women’s addiction treatment and recovery, Prototypes has helped to rebuild the lives of more than 100,000 women, men and their families who are impacted by substance use, mental illness and trauma. 

Prototypes is a trusted lifeline for women who struggle with addiction and other serious issues such as domestic violence and mental illness. Prototypes is an internationally recognized, CARF-accredited, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving communities that are challenged by substance use, mental illness and domestic violence.

Through research and community outreach, Prototypes has identified barriers to treatment for women who, for various reasons, do not qualify for government-sponsored treatment programs but for whom many private treatment programs are too expensive.

Knowing that addiction and mental illness can affect families regardless of socioeconomic status, Prototypes set out once again to be a model, or “prototype,” for service delivery — and Resolve Recovery was born. Resolve Recovery breaks down yet another barrier to treatment by providing women with an affordable, effective, gender-responsive option.

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Who We Serve

Resolve Recovery supports women aged 18 and older whose lives have been disrupted by the traumas of addiction: depression, trauma, job loss and other debilitating life challenges. Our treatment approach is designed to support women with multiple needs: substance use disorders, mental health issues, trauma and other medical conditions.

We have experience in providing treatment for women who have both a substance use and mental health disorder (known as dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorder). In addition, our services are available for women who are pregnant.